Cleaning Spray Foam Equipment


Every profession has its associated tools – the carpenters have their saws, planes, and hammers; the spray foam applicators have their spray system – pumps, hoses, and guns. While the tools are different, the tasks cannot be completed without the proper tools kept in working order – clean, organised, and ready to produce.

Whether you are using a DIY Spray Foam kit or a professional rig, it is imperative that the guns, masks etc are all kept clean, both to maximise output and minimise waste, and for the safety of the operatives.

Luckily Red Letter has this covered with not one, but two products specifically designed for spray foam.

The first is a preventative product. Vaseline spray is designed to prevent foam sticking where it isn’t wanted! It can be used inside and outside the gun mechanism and on the face visor.

The vaseline spray has two functions. On the outside of the gun, it keeps PU foam residue from sticking to the gun and mechanism. This extends the lifetime of the gun significantly. Additionally, inside the gun, the vaseline spray ensures a good seal between the nozzle and the gun.

After use, there will be still some foam residue on and in the gun mechanism (although a lot less if you use Vaseline Spray). PU cleaner removes uncured polyurethane foam from the spray gun and connectors. It must be used immediately after application, before the curing process has started.

Both of these products are in stock today, call us on 01 5450045 to order.

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