Antica Calce Elite

Antica Calce Elite


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ANTICA CALCE ELITE is a decorative paint that recreates the effect of the antique lime decorations, with a texture smooth to the touch, matt appearance and rich of soft shadows. The variety of warm shades and enveloping colors, realizes elegant and refined solutions.
Highly breathable, it adheres without flaking, ideal for the renovation of old buildings and for the decoration any environment according to the style of the Italian traditional old lime works.

  • brush, roller, spray gun
    Equipment brush, roller, spray gun
  • 8-10 m²/l per coat
    Spreading capacity 8-10 m²/l per coat
  • 2
  • I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
    Thinning for brush application I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
  • I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
    Thinning for airless application I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
  • I° 25-30%; II° 15-20%
    Thinning for roller application I° 25-30%; II° 15-20%
  • Tinting System Marcromie
    Marcromie Tinting System Marcromie
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment
  • A+
  • Breathable
  • Anti mold
    Anti mold
  • Zero VOC
    Zero VOC


Antica Calce Elite Technical Data Sheet

Antica Calce Elite Safety Data Sheet

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1L, 4L, 14L


White, Deep


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