Antica Calce

Antica Calce




ANTICA CALCE is a mineral masonry paint for exteriors and interiors, with a mineral binder base which enables an antiquing finish to be obtained on the surface treated, reproducing the antique mat finish of lime. In fact, once applied, the product always appears different, characterized by tones and chromatic effects which depend on the skill and characteristics of the decorator. For this reason, it proves particularly suitable for restoration work, even for buildings of historical and artistic interest.
ANTICA CALCE features a high level of permeability and its mineral nature even enables it to bond to surfaces affected by damp without flaking.


brush, spray gun Equipment brush, spray gun
8 m²/l per coat Spreading capacity 8 m²/l per coat
2 Layers 2
water Thinner water
I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20% Thinning for airless application I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20% Thinning for brush application I°: 25-30%; II°: 15-20%
Tinting System Marcromie Marcromie Tinting System Marcromie
Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment
A+  A+
Breathable Breathable
Anti mold Anti mold
Zero VOC Zero VOC


Antica Calce Technical Datasheet
Antica Calce Safety Sheet

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Weight 1 kg

1L, 14L


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