Aquaciment XL

Aquaciment XL

Base and finishing microcement for pool lining


Microcement of preparation for coating of swimming pools with Aquaciment M. It is applied on shotcrete or shotcrete in pools. The support must be clean and in good planimetry conditions.

Aquaciment XL features

Aquaciment XL Mixing Ratios:

10kg of Aquaciment XL → 2.50 l of Acricem resin

Aquaciment XL performance:

2 hands – 3.00 kg / m2

Aquaciment XL application process:

• Give a primer of Acricem to consolidate the support.
• Apply two hands of Aquaciment XL, only the second coat is pigmented, let dry each hand one day.
• Continue with Aquaciment M.

Aquaciment XL application conditions:

• Application temperature: from 5 ° C to 30 ° C.
• Do not apply with rain.
• Do not apply under sun exposure.
• Aquaciment is not a waterproofing mortar. It must be applied on consolidated cement supports and in good planimetry conditions. It can not be applied over tile.


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