Builtex Mesh

Builtex Mesh

Fiberglass mesh for coating and waterproofing


This flexible fiberglass mesh for microcement is ideal for the reinforcement of microcement flooring and continuous coatings because it solves the support and allows the surface to be waterproofed.

This flexible flat fiberglass mesh Builtex serves to reinforce the edges on the walls and stairs. In addition, serves to prevent the appearance of cracks in the meeting of two materials of different nature and microcement coatings on cement mortars.

Characteristics of Fiber Mesh Builtex

The fiberglass mesh to waterproof is made with a particularly thin and flat flexible fabric. It is used to assemble the base microcement in pavements and to prevent fissures due to the tensions of the original lower pavement.

This fiber mesh is recommended to cover tile walls, for high traffic floors, for stairs.

It is very important to apply the Fiberglass Mesh to reinforce the connection between the door frame and the wall.

The main characteristics of the Builtex fiberglass mesh are: Flexibility / Manipulability / Imputresibility / Resistance

Introducing the Builtex Fiberglass Mesh:

The fiberglass meshes are available in rolls of 50 x 1m (50m²).


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