Decorative iridescent finish for interiors



CADORO creates soft walls, silky to the touch, with iridescent and polychrome details.

The wide color range creates infinite combinations of colors able to re-invent and embellish any environment.

With a quick and simple application it will be possible to obtain a wide variety of bright shades and pastel strokes, or of warm colors, embracing and visually striking material to meet every decorative need.

– Apply CADORO, on a dry surface, previously coated with DECORFOND.


  • Equipment

Equipment brush, stainless steel or plastic trowel

  • Spreading capacity

Spreading capacity 4-6 m²/l at 2 coats

  • Layers

Layers 2

  • Thinning for brush application

Thinning for brush application ready to use

  • Thinning for square trowel application

Thinning for square trowel application ready to use

  • Marcromie

Marcromie Tinting System Marcromie

  • Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment

  • Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality A+

Cadoro Safety Sheet

Cadoro Technical datasheet

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1L, 4L


Bianco, Oro Zechh, Argento, Alluminio, Gold, Bronze, Copper, Slate


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