Impoxy A+B

Impoxy A+B

Acrylic resin of liquid component for microcement mixture

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Resin for microcement that acts as a moisture and vapor blocker

Impoxy (A base + B reactor) is a solvent-free, 100% solids, two-component epoxy resin. Indicated to apply as a primer to block moisture by capillarity or as a vapor barrier . Also used to homogenize the absorption of the support.

Impoxy A + B features

The presentation of both components respects the proportions of the mixture to facilitate its preparation.

Pot-life: 20 min at 25ºC

Proportion of the mixture: Impoxy A (base) 60% + Impoxy B (reactor) 40%

Presentation of the Impoxy A + B:

Impoxy A (base) 3.1 kg or 12.4 kg
Impoxy B (reactor) 1.9 kg or 7.6 kg

Impoxy Performance A + B:

2 hands – 0.25 kg / m2

Preparing the mix Impoxy A + B:

Pour component B and component A into a container. Then mix the product for 2 or 3 minutes to achieve a uniform effect. Use immediately after mixing.

Impoxy application A + B:

Impoxy (A + B) has two types of application, it can be used as a vapor barrier or humidity barrier by capillarity. The applications and the performances are different. The performance will depend on the porosity of the material that we have to deal with and the type of application.


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