Marmo Antico

Marmo Antico


Mineral wall coating for indoor and outdoor use



The minimalist appearance of travertine, which inspired MARMO ANTICO, emphasizes the architectural elements, especially niches and columns, creating unique details and the noble inspirations. The porous and striped appearance in this natural lime-based finish, gives the exterior surfaces an austere but at the same time elegant façade of stone substrates, while indoors it infuses aesthetic harmony and functional strength.

It is a mineral wall coating with excellent breathability, which enables it to obtain a finish with a porous and striped appearance.

With similar characteristics to marble, a Marrakesh bench top or splashback can be a stunning addition to an indoor or outdoor kitchen, barbecue area, bar or restaurant.

The character and versatility of Marmo Antico makes it particularly suitable for homes or restaurants where a concrete or marble finish is sought. Its natural patina gives the finish character that will continue to develop as it ages.


  • stainless steel trowel
    Equipment stainless steel trowel
  • 0,7 mm max
    Granulometry 0,7 mm max
  • 2,5-3 Kg/m² at 2 coats
    Spreading capacity 2,5-3 Kg/m² at 2 coats
  • at least 2
    Layers at least 2
  • ready to use
    Thinning for square trowel application ready to use
  • Tinting System Marcromie
    Marcromie Tinting System Marcromie
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment
  • A+


Marmo Antico Technical Datasheet

Marmo Antico Safety Datasheet




Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1kg, 25kg


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