Marmorino Classico

Marmorino Classico


Trowelled decorative indoor-outdoor mineral based coat



MARMORINO CLASSICO creates a coating, with great material beauty, reminiscent of the stone walls of the old buildings and features a finish very similar to that of the plaster of the traditional Venetian houses.

The delicate pastel shades are particularly suitable for the restoration of buildings of special historic and artistic interest.


  • stainless steel or plastic or sponge-backed trowel
    Equipment stainless steel or plastic or sponge-backed trowel
  • 0,7 mm max
    Granulometry 0,7 mm max
  • 2,5-3 Kg/m² at 2 coats
    Spreading capacity 2,5-3 Kg/m² at 2 coats
  • at least 2 for the base
    Layers at least 2 for the base
  • ready to use
    Thinning for square trowel application ready to use
  • Tinting System Marcromie
    Marcromie Tinting System Marcromie
  • Life Cycle Assessment
    Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle Assessment
  • A+


Marmorino Safety Sheet

Marmorino Technical Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1kg, 5kg, 25kg


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