Microcement for the floor covering of floors and indoor floors


Coating of great elegance and natural appearance, ideal for continuous pavement. Lightly textured, with less contrasts (water) and more resistant than the microfine.

Microdeck features

Formulated with hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, synthetic resins and specific additives, Microdeck (component A powder) must be mixed with Acricem resin (liquid component B) respecting the proportions to guarantee the properties of the coating.

Once kneaded, it allows to create a coating of low thickness of 1 to 3 mm, with great mechanical resistance and strong adhesion on any type of support: concrete, cement mortars, ceramics, MDF, plaster, and cardboard.

Before applying Microdeck it is necessary to prepare the surface with Microbase . The application support must be clean and free of grease, the base must be consolidated and in good planimetry conditions. Due to its high adherence to all types of support, it generally does not need priming, but under specific conditions and to facilitate the application of the first coat, the use of adhesion promoters is recommended.

For the Microdeck it is necessary to add the Acricem resin and to guarantee the properties of the coating it will be essential to respect the following relationship between the micro cement and the resin.

Microdeck mix:

  • 10kg of Microdeck → 3.7 liters of Acricem resin

The mortar with microdeck should be prepared as follows:

  1. Pour a little resin Acricem into a container, add all the load of pigment corresponding to the amount of micro cement with which it is going to work and mix until obtaining a homogeneous color liquid.
  2. Pour the micro-cement powder and resin gradually while mixing the product with a low-speed mechanical stirrer.
  3. Mix for at least 2 minutes until a homogenous and lump-free mixture is obtained.

Apply two coats of Microdeck by extending it with the help of a flexible steel trowel using one of the two techniques. “Fresh on fresh” or “Fresh on dry”. Do not apply layers that are more than 1 mm thick for Microbase and Microdeck microcements. A total system thickness of 1 to 3 mm is recommended.

The surface performance prepared with Microbase is:

  • Microdeck (2 hands) → 0.95 kg / m2

To better leveling and preparation of the surface to be coated, better yields and lower cost in material and time of application. It is convenient to choose the right method for each application.

The life time of the product (Pot-life) is a maximum of 1 hour and a half. We recommend then mixing only the necessary material.

Sealing after drying the Microdeck:

The microcements must be sealed once the coating has reached a humidity below 5% between 24h and 48h. The microcements can be sealed with the primer-coating Prepol and Topsealer WT varnishes (water-based) or DSV (solvent-based).


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