Microcement for the coating of vertical walls and surfaces


Microfino features

Traditional fine microcement with stucco effect, smooth and pleasant touch, for continuous decorative coating on walls with water effect.

Microfine Mixture Ratios:

10kg of Microfino → 4,50 liters of Acricem resin.

Microfino performance:

2 Microfine hands → 0.5 kg / m2

Microfino application process

Always apply on a support prepared with Microbase, applied by means of a rubber trowel in 1 or 2 pigmented hands.

Sealing the Microfin

The Microfino Topciment must be sealed once hardened, between 24 h and 48 h. Never before the coating has reached a humidity below 5%, measured with instruments designed for this purpose. First apply a topcoat primer with Prepol and then seal with water varnishes Topsealer WT.

Microfino Mix

1 – Pour the Acricem resin corresponding to the mixing ratio in the kneading container.
2 – Shake the pigment and mix it with the Acricem resin until a homogeneous color liquid is obtained, rinse the pigment canister with the mixing liquid.
3 – Pour Microfino gradually while mixing the product with a mechanical stirrer.
4 – Mix for 3 minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture and free of lumps.


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