Anti-slip micro-cement for exterior cladding


The Microstone is the continuous pavement of microcemento of high traffic. With anti-slip properties, more uniform color and stone appearance, it is suitable for outdoor use. It has excellent resistance to abrasion.

Microstone features

Microstone microcement is a continuous coating of two components A powder (preparation mortar and finishing mortar) and liquid B, formulated based on hydraulic binders, synthetic resins, specific additives and selected dyes.

Once kneaded, it creates a thin coating, great mechanical resistance and strong adhesion on any type of support: concrete, cement mortars, ceramics, plaster, Pladur. It comes in cubes of 20Kg.

The Microstone must be sealed once hardened, between 24h and 48h. Never before the coating has reached a relative humidity less than 5%, measured with instruments designed for this purpose. When presenting a strongly textured finish, the application of waxes is not recommended.

The useful working time is 1 hour and a half maximum. Low temperatures lengthen and high temperatures significantly reduce workability and drying time. We recommend making kneaded according to the experience of the applicator.

Mix of the Microestone:

10kg of Microstone → 2.70 liters of resin Acricem

Application of the Microestone:

While the support must be clean, before the application, it is not necessary to prepare the support with microbase
Apply three coats of MicroStone Topciment using a metallic trowel. In floors it is advisable to place flexible fiber mesh, and before applying a new hand, let the previous one dry. Or with the method of “Fresco sobre fresco” .

Sand the last hand with a broken orbital sander and 40 grain sandpaper, in order to eliminate imperfections. Do not apply layers of more than 2 mm. A total system thickness of 3 to 4 mm is recommended.

The yield will depend on the type of surface or material that we have to coat, the less smooth the surface, the lower the yield. Then, to better leveling and preparation of the surface to be coated, better yields, lower material cost and time of application.

Average performance:

3 hands → 3 kg / m2


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