Polynor Spray Foam for use with Gun

Polynor Spray Foam for use with Gun


One Component Spray Polyurethane Foam



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Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is a versatile chemical product used in many common construction applications which require adhesive bonding, filling, sealing, and  insulation. Its high thermal and acoustic insulation properties makes it an excellent product for applications such as insulation of water pipes, boats, vehicles, bonding and sealing of roofs and walls, attics can be applied to a wide range of materials and surfaces. It delivers multiple benefits in one application.

Polynor PU Insulation foams are one-component, self-expanding foams in pressurized aerosol cans, and can be applied using either a straw, or a foam gun.
The main cause of energy waste is air leakage due to inadequate or poor-performing insulation. Unlike traditional fiberglass and cellulose insulations, Polynor’s remarkable formula, when applied properly, expands to create a seal protecting against air infiltration. Polynor won’t sag or settle and provides a water-resistant barrier, shielding against moisture and mold. Polynor Insulation
Foam increases energy efficiency and can lower heating and cooling costs. Our superior insulation solution protects against dust, pests, and sound, reinforces structures, increasing wind shear strength while reducing wall vibration and movement. Polynor Insulation Foam can dramatically lower your utility bills, so our product practically pays for itself! It simply performs for the lifetime of the building without needing service, maintenance or upgrade.

Polynor Insulation Foam: λ=0,033W(m*K)


Your investment in Polynor Insulation will reap long term returns in saved energy, comfort, control of indoor air quality, and health and safety for the life of your home. Because polyurethane foam is a closed cell insulation material delivering the highest R-value per inch, your heating and cooling equipment works more efficiently, uses less fuel and maintains consistent and uniform temperatures.

° Stops Air Infiltration
° Minimizes air flow
° Helps eliminate drafts
° Better humidity control
° High Insulation Value
° Insulation in a tighter space
° Performs in hot as well as cold temperatures
° Moisture Resistant
° Stops moisture driven elements due to its closed cell salability
° Dries with minimal insulation value loss
° Solid nature inhibits insect penetration
° Seals cracks from unwanted gas and odor penetration
° Forms semi-rigid structure with closed cells (>70%)
° Excellent adhesion on most common materials and between different materials
° Excellent filling capacities, expands to 65 times its original volume
° Strong bonding characteristics
° Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation




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