Pool sealant


Presealer is a treatment of reinforcement and surface protection for cement-based substrates , reinforces them against wear and protects against aggressive chlorides and liquids. This product penetrates the pores and chemically reacts with the substrate, creating a crystalline microstructure, insoluble in water and breathable.

Presealer Features

Presealer sealant use instructions:

Apply by roller or gun, in two layers with an interval of 24 h . The first layer is applied 24 hours after applying Aquaciment . (low temperatures and / or ambient humidity delay drying). It can be applied in two successive layers without waiting for the first to dry, until full saturation of the surface is achieved.

Presealer sealant performance:

15 m2 / l, (applied to Aquaciment )

Presealer Sealer Properties:

  • Easy application and handling.
  • Reacts chemically with the support.
  • Improve chemical resistance.
  • Improves abrasion resistance.
  • Reduces dust formation.
  • Increase the durability of the support.
  • Compatible with the environment.


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