Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose Insulation

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The “SATAC” System is specifically designed for commercial building applications. It consists of two unique product components: “SATAC” spray grade cellulose insulation and Encotec commercial spray adhesive. These two items work in combination with each other to provide virtually any commercial structure a durable, long-lasting finished interior.
The adhesive permanently bonds the insulation to the substrate forming a monolithic seal. This thermal barrier eliminates air infiltration, controls condensation and improves the acoustical environment of the structure. The “SATAC” system enhances the value of the building with its attractive, seamless and energy efficient finish.

“SATAC” is a Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose Insulation. It is made of recycled paper products and treated to provide resistance against fire, mold and mildew. This unique building insulation contains no asbestos, glass fibers, ammonia or formaldehyde.
Their exceptional bonding characteristics make them highly compatible for spray applications of insulation to wood, concrete and metal buildings.

SATAC Technical & Submittal Data

STC Testing

NRC Testing

SATAC Brochure

SATAC Specification



Currently Satac can only be sold to trained installers. Contact us today to enquire about training, or to find a trained installer in your area


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