Synthesia Closed Cell Foam – Floor

Synthesia Closed Cell Foam – Floor

Synthesia S-353


Poliuretan® Spray are polyurethane systems made up of two components: polyol and isocyanate, to obtain a rigid closed-cell foam applied in spray form “in situ” for the purposes of thermal insulation.
Poliuretan® Spray systems feature authorised ecological foaming agents (HFCs) that are not harmful to the O-zone layer and they are mainly used to obtain excellent thermal insulation.
The emission concentrations produced comply with the A+ emission class under CEN/TS 16516. Report No.: 392-2013-72701
The Poliuretan® Spray S-353 has been developed using the 4th generation of foaming agents, meaning its contribution to global warming is very low.
The Poliuretan® Spray S-353 offers excellent protection against radon gas


  • Complete suppression of thermal bridges. The insulation has no joints or gaps. It is a continuous form of insulation.
  • Strong surface adhesion. No need to use adhesives or glues to install the product.
  • Insulate and waterproof in a single process. This capacity can be attributed, on the one hand, to its closed-cell and watertight structure and, on the other, the continuous way in which it is applied, avoiding joints.
  • It can be moved to a construction site quickly, with no need for transporting or storing bulky products.
  • Seals gaps, muffling the passage of sound.
  • Increase in the habitable space compared to other materials.



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