Synthesia Phonospray

Synthesia Phonospray

Synthesia I-904


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The Phono Spray I-905, S-904 and S-907 systems are thermo-acoustic polyurethane systems with two polyol and isocyanate components. The system is cast via injection or spray “on-site,” with rigid, open-cell foam that is low or medium density, with good acoustic absorption properties.
Applying these systems in a given construction solution improves the global sound insulation of said solution.
These systems do not contain foaming agents that harm the ozone layer.


These systems are applied by spraying, injecting or casting with high-pressure equipment equipped with heating, with a 1:1 volume mixture ratio.

They are mainly applied to improve thermo-acoustic insulation for airborne noise in envelopes for buildings being renovated or newly constructed, both for partitions and for exterior façades and framework, and to improve thermo-acoustic insulation for impact noise in horizontal divisions.

Insulation between walls

With this solution, the foam is injected through orifices to fill the renovation and new-construction cavities.

Interior façade insulation

This construction solution for façades consists of a main exterior layer, polyurethane sprayed in the air chamber and internally reinforced.

The interior reinforcement can be moist or dry partitioning



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