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DIY Spray Foam Kits

You know your home needs insulation and after researching the insulation options and materials available you think spray foam insulation is the way to go.

You heard about spray foam kits, and being somewhat handy around the house, you wanted to look into this DIY option further.

Low pressure spray foam insulation kits can be used to insulate certain areas of your existing home. If you are an experienced homeowner, you can use the kits to insulate small areas of your home, like your rim joist or in some cases your crawl spaces. In most cases, spray foam kits are made to insulate around doors, headers around windows, or to fill in spaces.

Larger spray foam kits can be used in areas like exposed walls and attics, but only for homeowners who know how to apply the material.

Can you DIY Spray Foam?

The quick answer to this question is yes, but doing your research first and knowing exactly how to install the material is the bigger question.

Spray foam is a superior insulation material, but it is demanding to apply to the surfaces you wish to insulate. You will have to follow the directions for the specific kit that you buy exactly so that you don’t install it incorrectly and don’t waste any product. The best option is to read over the directions before you even buy the kit so you know exactly what to expect.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the foam must be applied evenly. While an experienced contractor can make it look easy, if you’ve never worked with the material before it can be a challenge. You must also ensure the foam is sprayed evenly because it expands so dramatically you need to control its depth so you don’t waste material.

What is a Spray Foam kit?

A DIY spray foam insulation kits, also known as a froth pak, in most cases are low pressure polyurethane spray foam.

They come in various sizes and are usually a two-component quick set foam kits that comes with foam, hoses, spray gun, and extra nozzles.

These DIY spray foam kits can be used to create an air seal in areas of your home if the foam is applied correctly.

If you are considering using a Spray Foam kit, why not give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have.